About FGC


FGC was established in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 2001 and targets core industries like broadcasting, construction, telecommunications, data management, healthcare, entertainment, and security. We offer integrated services, solutions, and maintenance to those industries.

The company began with 6 employees and offered only basic construction and broadcasting services; due to our growth, success, and recognition the business expanded to offer integrated services in over 6 different industries, with a current headcount of about 1200 employees.


At FGC we offer best in class services in a range of diversified sectors including Technology, Construction, Telecommunications, and Medical equipment. With a high classification from the Saudi Contractors Classification Agency (SCCA), FGC is poised and ready to enter into contracts of unlimited value, and deliver on them with integrity and efficiency.
A fast growing family with the drive to lead the region into the technological age.
Our aim to become the leading partner for both private and public sector clients through well planned growth and investment, is further strengthened by the trust in, and empowerment of our highly skilled team.


To provide superior quality business solutions in all our areas of expertise, and to commit to the highest standard of delivery in all our endeavors, while upholding an ethical standard that our employees can be proud of.  


Walid A. AlMoukhtar AlBakoush


FGC started with 6 people in 2001, mainly in civil and broadcasting work. Our first significant project was actually in civil work, and we didn’t get our first major broadcast contract until 2003. From there FGC kept on going, growing in project size and number of employees. Our strategy is to put everything back into the company. We focus on investing in our people. Today, the company has over 1200 employees, and a hand in many diversified business sectors.

FGC excels at System Integration, Broadcasting, IT, Security, Telecommunications, data management, Mechanical, and Electromechanical engineering. We also recently diversified into the Medical sector. We have quite a few separate companies and business units doing important independent work.

We are reinventing the way we look at ourselves. Focusing more on being a group of small operations. We are helping business units to work on their own and have their own resources and capabilities, to become self-reliant. Our growing work with the private sector requires us to be more agile and efficient and so we are responding.

Finally, contributing to the economic and social development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is important to us at FGC and so we are also putting in a lot of effort to work more closely with foreign investors and partners both for their benefit and our own.

Naim Saidi


What I truly admire about FGC is its growth capacity and potential. The diversified businesses and industries it has penetrated successfully over the years gave us the confidence to grow and expand.

Today, FGC sees itself as an important player in the economic and social growth and development in Saudi Arabia. We see ourselves contributing to projects in the broadcasting industry, audio visual and entertainment industry, sports industry and medical industry.

We invest in our people and organizational structure in a way that gives each of our business units the independence to operate efficiently and seize new business opportunities in Saudi Arabia.

Amin AlGhurayeb


FGC is a unique contracting company that has diversified its business in recent years.

The huge potential FGC enjoys is represented in more than one industry in Saudi Arabia, especially in the broadcasting, audiovisual, and medical industries.

Our human capital also allows the company to address market potential at the highest level of professionalism, and the importance we give to governance and process is what helps the company to grow in an efficient way in a stable environment.


Valued clients we have had the pleasure to work with!